2-5 October 2018

Theme: Energy transition

Energy transition

To attain the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, CO2 emissions in the road haulage sector must be reduced by a factor of 6. The air quality needs to be improved in a world in which the population is rising and becoming increasingly urbanised. There is much pressure on vehicle technology to build cleaner vehicles, but the goals will only be reached if the deployment of the heavy goods vehicles is more efficient.

Parallel sessions/ side events:

2 October
• Smart Dolly
• Roadmaps for greener transport
• Roads fostering multimodal transport
• Uneven road vehicle performance
• OECD: how to keep trucks rolling? / ISWIM: dynamic weighing
• Containers on wheels Between port and hinterland

3 October
• Fuel the future
• Truck platooning and HPV’s: overcoming the boundaries of the infrastructure
• Urban and regional vitality
• The development of road transportation vehicles in China
• Public policies in freight transport
• Connected trucking is where digitalization and automation synergize
• Urban freight vehicles
• Aerodynamics

4 October
• Societal challenges of High Productivity Vehicles
• Roadmap to future vehicles
• Global experiences with high productivity vehicles
• Electrification and hybridization