2-5 October 2018

Theme: Safety


Safety remains an on-going theme in road haulage and requires continuous efforts to ensure improvement. Safety concerns revolve around technology, the interaction of humans and technology and creating a culture of safety. Accidents with heavy goods vehicles which cause injury or loss of life have a great social impact. Safety is a major consideration in the acceptance of innovative heavy goods vehicle concepts.

Parallel sessions/ side events:

2 October
• Driver involved safety strategies – 1
• Smart Dolly
• OECD: how to keep trucks rolling? / ISWIM: dynamic weighing
• Performance assessment of High Productivity Vehicles
• Safety of High Productivity Vehicles
• Compliance & Enforcement
• Uneven road vehicle performance

3 October
• Driver involved safety strategies – 2
• Truck platooning and HPV’s: overcoming the boundaries of the infrastructure
• The development of road transportation vehicles in China
• Public policies in freight transport
• Connected trucking is where digitalization and automation synergize

4 October
• Societal challenges of High Productivity Vehicles
• Truck automation and platooning deployment
• Roadmap to future vehicles
• Global experiences with high productivity vehicles
• Tyre performance and durability
• Driver support and chassis management