2-5 October 2018

Theme: ITS


The rapid developments in the area of information and communications technology is leading to challenges and new opportunities. It is changing the idea of heavy vehicles and their deployment in the logistics process. It is changing the logistics process itself and the way in which heavy vehicles take part in traffic. One of the question is what role humans should play?

Parallel sessions/ side events:

2 October
• 5G for connected ports and automated transport
• Pavement and bridge loading
• Driver involved safety strategies – 1
• Smart Dolly
• Roads fostering multimodal transport
• OECD: how to keep trucks rolling? / ISWIM: dynamic weighing
• Uneven road vehicle performance
• Containers on wheels

3 October
• Driver involved safety strategies – 2
• Truck platooning and HPV’s: overcoming the boundaries of the infrastructure
• The development of road transportation vehicles in China
• Public policies in freight transport
• Intelligent access
• Connected trucking is where digitalization and automation synergize
• Managing the Performance-Based Standard (PBS) proces

4 October
• Truck automation and platooning deployment
• Roadmap to future vehicles
• Driver support and chassis management