2-5 October 2018


HVTT History

The International Forum on Road Transport Technology (IFRTT) aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between experts involved in the development of commercial vehicles and road freight transport. The IFRTT is a community of over 1000 experts worldwide, representing leading universities and research institutes in vehicle engineering, and forward-looking companies and government institutions. 

Since 1986, the IFRTT organizes every two years the symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology (HVTT). The symposium on HVTT offers a worldwide platform for researchers, policy makers, regulators, road agencies, commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers and the transport industry, to exchange knowledge and experiences in order to support the development of safe, sustainable, efficient and productive road freight transport. The last three symposia were organized in New Zealand, Argentina and Sweden. 


We are very happy the IFRTT choose for The Netherlands in 2018, hosting HVTT15.
See the promotion video of The Netherlands, Rotterdam.


1986 – HVWD1 Kelowna, BC, Canada
1989 – HVWD2 Kelowna, BC, Canada
1992 – HVWD3 Cambridge, United Kingdom
1995 – HVWD4 Ann Arbor, MI, USA
1998 – HVWD5 Maroochydore, Australia
2000 – HVWD6 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
2002 – HVWD7 Delft, The Netherlands
2004 – HVWD8 Misty Hill, South Africa
2006 – HVWD9 Penn State, PN, USA
2008 – HVTT10 Paris, France
2010 – HVTT11 Melbourne, Australia
2012 – HVTT12 Stockholm, Sweden
2014 – HVTT13 San Luis, Argentina
2016 – HVTT14 Rotorua, New Zealand
2018 – HVTT15 Rotterdam, The Netherlands