2-5 October 2018


Economy on Wheels. Fast changes, slow structures.

The central question during the HVTT15 is how to integrate disruptive technological and socio-economic developments that affects road freight transport in existing structures: ageing infrastructure, historical grown cities, established market structures and social order and ingrained habits. The aim is to adapt the road freight transport system to an increasing social and economic complexity, against technological opportunities, and with significant safety and environmental constraints. It is clear that solutions from a single perspective are no longer considered to be sufficient. A multidisciplinary approach is a necessity. The organizers of the HVTT15 aim for a symposium program that creates the conditions for a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experience.


HVTT15’s broadly composed programme will ensure that each visitor, at any time, can find something he fancies. The specialist will be able to exchange ideas with peers during sessions strongly aimed at technology, while the transport & logistics entrepreneur can check his needs against new developments; the government representative will gain insights in the way other countries handle goods transport.

HVTT15 ’s programme will also offer opportunities for an active dialogue between the various stakeholders.

Download the complete programme here.

The city & the port

It’s not without reason that HVTT15 takes place in the largest port of Europe, the Port of Rotterdam. Port and city logistics feature prominently in the HVTT15 programme. A transformation is taking place in both sectors. One of the main issues in the port is the energy transition from fossil to alternative fuels. Like many port towns, port and city have become fused through the years. It now leads to specific challenges such as restrictions in space, congestion and air quality and requires cleaner and more efficient transport solutions.


Nike Europe

Kuehne Logistics University

Future City Logistics

Technical University of Eindhoven


De Doelen ICC
Kruisplein 40
3012 CC Rotterdam 
The Netherlands

T +31 6 50661011

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This major motto of HVTT15 covers heavy goods vehicles and their technological innovations, the economic value of transport with emphasis on smart logistics, connectivity and multimodality, and transport and traffic management within the framework of physical infrastructure.
The following three major themes and sub themes have been selected for HVTT15.